The Safe and Natural Solution to Dry Nights for your Child!
Bedwetting Alarm Success Package
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  • Help your child TAKE CONTROL of their bedwetting without it controlling them!
  • Proven to help more than 80% of children become dry & stay dry
  • They learn to WAKE to a full bladder or HOLD ON until morning
  • ​FUN, rewarding and motivating - it's actually exciting!
  • ​Personal SUPPORT and advice throughout by Tanya
  • NO side effects, NO medication, NO stress!
  • ​A truly LIFE-CHANGING package for your child and the family
  • ​250+ 5 star reviews - read some below!

This unique package includes:

Good quality wearable enuresis alarm with spare sensor
Guide to Success Booklet with Achievement Chart & Stickers!
Letter to your Child from Ashton (can be personalised!)
Personal Support from Tanya throughout the entire program
Your Child is NOT Alone!
This Package has been put together with love, passion and a real understanding of what children and their families go through. Bed wetting can have a serious impact on children's social and emotional well-being, so should not be ignored. Here are some facts:
  • Bedwetting is one of the most common childhood complaints
  • Boys are twice as likely to wet the bed than girls
  • Nearly one in three 4 year olds and about 10% of 7 year olds wet the bed
  • ​If one parent had nocturnal enuresis as a child, there is approx 43% chance of their child wetting the bed - it can be inherited.
How Does This Work?
Strengthening the Mind/Body Connection
According to the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne*, bedwetting alarms are considered the most USEFUL and SUCCESSFUL initial way to treat bed wetting. Alarm therapy has good long-term success, is COST-EFFECTIVE and is the FASTEST way of treating enuresis than any other method.
  • Bedwetting Alarms work on the principle of Conditioned Learning where the brain is conditioned to be open to messages from the bladder and prevent bed wetting during sleep.
  • When the moisture sensitive part of the alarm is activated by the first drop of urine, the alarm sounds and your child should usually wake up.
  • The brain will react by sending a message to the bladder to stop the flow of urine.
  • ​Eventually a link between wetting the bed and being woken is established and your child's mind learns to 'beat the buzzer', hopefully leading to dry nights.
* RCH General Medicine Department, October 2010.
Little Device - BIG Results!
The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm consists of 2 main parts - the alarm unit and the detachable easy-clip moisture sensorThe small alarm unit is positioned around your child's upper arm using the comfortable adjustable strap and the attached cord then runs up your child's arm (underneath the pajama top) and clipped to the outside of the underpants. 

When your child starts to wee, the moisture sensor detects the urine immediately and activates the alarm. The alarm will give out a loud 'beeping' sound, start vibrating and the light will start flashing. 

The alarm will continue to sound until the moisture sensor is removed from the underwear. This helps to wake up even the deepest of sleepers (like my own)!  Using this over time will train the brain to have automatic control over the bladder

Your child will learn to wake up before needing to wee, or continue to sleep without needing to empty their bladder

Over 250 Happy Customer Reviews!
$95.00 $87.00
Affordable to buy and no more crazy pullup expenses!
Spend more time with family without changing sheets and doing the laundry!
Small and hides under clothing giving your child peace of mind!
Easy to attach and fun to use leaving a happy and confident child!
What EXACTLY Are You Getting?
  • The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Unit & Spare Sensor - Small & discreet alarm unit attached to the comfortable/adjustable armband, 'aligator-toothed' metal sensor clip that grips securely onto underwear, lithium batteries installed, instruction booklet and spare sensor.
  • Guide to Success Booklet  - Includes helpful tips, guide for parents and 'My Goals' for your child, FAQ's, troubleshooting, over-learning, accessing support and much more...!
  • Achievement Chart and Stickers - Your child can track their own progress using this removable chart and 7 sets of stickers, including stickers to decorate the face of their alarm!
  • Letter from Ashton to your Child - Helps them learn they're not the 'only child in the world' to wet their bed! Does wonders for their self-esteem and I guarantee they'll say they 'can't wait' to wear their alarm that night! Can also be personalised with your child's name if requested.
  • Honour Badges - Another feature that sets this package apart from the rest is our focus on acknowledging and celebrating their self-development journey. Your child will have many opportunities to demonstrate their ability to take responsibility, practice resilience and increase their self-confidence. These get awarded by parents.
  • Access to our Facebook Support Group - You'll get access to this group immediately after purchase. Receive support and extra tips from other parents on this same journey as you and feel part of a team as you embark on this journey with your child.
  • Personal Support - Tanya will provide personal support from start to finish! She is an experienced user with successful results with her own two sons. (You can read her Blog here as she went through this journey with her youngest child).
$95.00 $87.00
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