Holistic Habits and Routines to Help Overcome Your Child’s Bedwetting

Discover how you can help your child’s bedwetting, just by making some simple changes to their habits and routines




Holistic Habits and Routines to Help Overcome Your Child’s Bedwetting

In this easy-to-follow training you’ll discover some of the most effective natural holistic strategies that you can teach your child, and help them to overcome their bedwetting.

  • Strategies that you can use alongside other first-line treatments, like a bedwetting alarm or medication prescribed by a health professional.
  • Will enhance your child’s other treatments for maximum success.
  • Doesn’t involve invasive procedures, tests or doctors appointments.
  • ​Helps children’s bodies naturally lessen their bedwetting.
  • ​You can start your child immediately using these simple hacks!
  • ​Especially helpful for children who suffer from daytime wetting or have other lower urinary tract symptoms.

By the end of this short training you’ll know:

  • How to re-educate your child’s bladder by correcting and improving their fluid intake and toileting habits. 
  • What behavioural habits of parents should be avoided and what you can do to change this.
  • How to use these powerful strategies by naturally lessening their bedwetting and making other treatments MORE effective.
  • What triggers your child’s bedwetting and how to develop good habits for long lasting results.

All video lessons are short and easy to digest, so it won’t take up much of your precious time. Follow the lessons at your own pace, with lifetime access to the portal. Plus its affordable and won’t cost you the earth. 

Only $27 to discover how to do all the below!

Here’s what we’ll uncover in this training module by module:

 Module 1 - Eating & Drinking!

  • Learn about the importance of your child developing regular drinking habits during the day.
  • ​Discover how much your child should be drinking and when.
  • ​Find out which drinks help your child’s bedwetting and which ones to avoid! 
  • ​I’ll share tips on how to get your child to drink enough fluids during the day.
  • ​Discover what foods can irritate their bladder.
  • ​What foods to include in their diet to help control or reduce their bedwetting.

 Module 2 - Weeing & Pooing!

  • Learn the effect constipation has on a bedwetting child and what you can do to help.
  • Discover simple strategies to help get that poop moving!
  • ​How to keep a ‘poop’ diary and identify if your child is indeed constipated.
  • ​Learn how toileting habits and changing behaviours can help lessen bedwetting.
  • ​Identify if your child is void postponing and what you can do to help.
  • ​Tips to ensure they’re completely emptying their bladder when they wee.

 Module 3 - Routines & Behaviour

  • Discover the importance of setting and sticking to bedtime routines to help them relax for the night and wind down.
  • Learn how bedtime toilet routines help your child’s bladder control.
  • ​How to teach your child to ‘double-void’.
  • ​Encourage your child to fill in their own ‘Bladder Busters Chart’ as their very own checklist!
  • ​Understand how YOUR behaviours could be inhibiting your child’s dry night progress.
  • ​Exposing some common techniques parents make which actually don’t help!
  • ​Learn the ‘exceptions’ where you can wake your child during the night.
  • ​Discover how pull ups or training pants are affecting your child’s dry night progress.
  • ​How to use motivational therapy to help your child gain bladder control.
  • Uncover some super-helpful motivational therapy practices you can try with your child.
  • ​How to teach your child to ‘own’ their problem and take more responsibility for becoming dry.
  • ​Get access to a ‘Bedwetting Testing Journal’ for your child and how to make it fun!
  • ​Discover useful tips for the whole family to use straight away.

You’ll also receive super-valuable tools you can download, to help you and your child on their dry night journey, including:

  • A Record of Daily Fluid Intake
  • Bladder Busters Chart
  • Bedwetting Testing Journal to jot down their theories!

By the end of this training you’ll be able to teach your child:

  • What triggers their bedwetting
  • The importance of staying hydrated throughout the day
  • How to take control of their bedwetting
  • ​How to be in tune with their bladder and how it feels.
  • How to set up a consistent night-time routine.
  • ​To be more confident in their own ability to stay dry.

This training also includes access to a private discussion group on Facebook, for you to ask questions and share experiences, with me and other parents all over the world.

Who is Tanya?

          Holistic Habits and Routines was created by Tanya Harry, founder of The Parenting Garden.

          Tanya Harry, founder of The Parenting Garden has a passion for helping other parents with their children’s bedwetting. She is the creator of the Bedwetting Alarm Success Package, Captain Dry Pants Online Program and inventor of the My Bed e Dry™ waterproof bed pads.

          Tanya is also mum of three children, two of which were bedwetters. She has a wealth of knowledge on childhood enuresis and has helped thousands of families achieve dryness through her products, online programs and expertise.

Why is this course in US dollars?

I teach parents all over the world, so I choose to price in USD as that’s the currency that most people around the world most easily understand.

If yours is a different currency, you can easily run a Google search for today’s exchange rate between USD and your currency. To give you a guide, in Australian dollars, this training will cost roughly AU$38.

What are you waiting for?

Go on, discover how you can help your child’s bedwetting, just by making some simple changes to their habits and routines. You can start these techniques right away, won’t cost you a cent to establish and will help make other treatments more effective!

  • Witness your child’s confidence and motivation to become dry GROW!
  • Can MAGNIFY the effectiveness of your child’s other treatments such as a bedwetting alarm or medication
  • Easy to learn strategies that, when put in place, will be with your child long-term!