Join the Dry Nights Mastery as a Founding Member!

Imagine waking up each day feeling fresh from a good night's sleep and your child greets you with a confident smile from waking up dry! That dreaded sense of frustration, overwhelm and hopelessness has gone and in its place is acceptance, joy and support.

If that picture still seems a million miles away to you, then that’s okay. Your child is on a journey towards dry nights which, if not done right, can be a very lonely and frustrating experience for both you and your child.

But, the fact that you are here, reading this right now, means that you’ve already taken a huge leap forward and have either decided to start your child on alarm training or have already begun.

Why do some children fail alarm training?
Alarm training is the recommended first-line treatment for children suffering from bedwetting and on average has an 80% success rate. But, did you know, without the appropriate support systems and education in place, this percentage can drop down to 50%! That blew me away!

Most children fail alarm training due to:

Not waking in response to their alarm 

Incorrect positioning of the alarm

Lack of parental supervision

No motivation on the child’s part.

The good news is, all of the above can be preventable with the appropriate training and support, for both parent and child.

When it comes to alarm training, it’s not just about making them wear an alarm to bed each night and hoping for the best. The other factors that need to be there are connection, motivation and education.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Founding Member of the Dry Nights Mastery Membership!

I have helped thousands of parents whose children are struggling with bedwetting with my Bedwetting Alarm Program and other products. It has made a difference to so many families' lives, but I still feel like there’s something missing!

I know I can offer more to help parents, and especially their kids, achieve dry night success using a bedwetting alarm.

Parents of bedwetting children need connection. A place to come to when we have that niggling question about our child’s bedwetting, to vent out frustrations, to discover what others are doing and to share our own child’s journey with others.

But it’s not just about having a community. Parents need a place to come to for education. A place where they can access information and training at their fingertips without spending precious hours of their day or night scrolling the internet for answers to their questions.

A ‘one-stop shop’ so to speak!


Consider the Dry Nights Mastery Membership as your ‘Roadmap’ for your child’s dry night journey. Your navigation system that pulls you back on course if things get a little hard.

When you join the Dry Nights Mastery Membership, you will:

Have assurance that your child stays on track using their alarm and masters their 14 consecutive dry nights.

Receive targeted and specific support from Tanya and other parents within the membership community.

Be able to share ideas, strategies, frustrations, successes and recommendations with other parents in the membership community.

Have access to fun printables and activity sheets to give to your child when required at various stages of their alarm training to enhance their progress and help their understanding of their bedwetting.

Be a part of a world-first in bedwetting support! Your child has the opportunity to participate in the ‘Buddy-Dry Buddy System’ and be teamed up with a carefully matched ‘buddy’ throughout their journey towards dry nights. I am so excited about this!

Receive a personalised email addressed to your child each month, focusing on the area they are struggling with or need encouragement in.

Have access to the Dy Nights Mastery Success Path™ and be guided through the five stages from wetting each night to consistent dry nights.

Have access to up-to-date resources and training on various topics of bedwetting, as and when you need it. 

Have access to selected courses to equip you with the knowledge on bedwetting and how to manage bedwetting holistically.

Be able to participate in live Q&A sessions once a week.

Have access to sessions from featured Specialists on the topic of children’s bedwetting.

Have the opportunity to book in a ‘check-in’ call with Tanya when required to ensure accountability, ask questions and report on your child’s progress. 

Participate in specific challenges with your child that will enhance their progress, boost morale and increase motivation!

Receive a VIP member only 10% discount on all The Parenting Garden products for the lifetime of your membership.

For a strictly limited time! Be offered this membership at the Founding Members rate for the lifetime of your membership! That’s nuts!  

What is a Founding Member?
As a Founding Member, you’ll be involved in its evolution. Together we will create the most awesome, supportive and valuable membership for families embarking on their dry nights journey using a bedwetting alarm!

Here’s the deal…

If you’re one of the first 50 members to join the Dry Nights Mastery Membership, all you’ll pay is $22 per month or $60 for 3 months. And, wait for it…this price will FOREVER be locked in at the Founding Member rate for the lifetime of your membership!

The price to join the membership will go up once the first 50 members have signed up. I’m anticipating this won’t take long.

So what are you waiting for?

If you want to be a part of something that:

Brings parents together and creates an inclusive, safe and supportive environment.

Connects, shares struggles, and builds relationships with other like-minded parents.

Offers you support from myself and other ‘Masters’ as and when you need it.

Guarantees your child achieves dry night success.

Helps your child connect with other children and helps them to realise they’re not alone.

Helps your child learn more about their bedwetting through fun and interactive activities and challenges.

Will keep you and your child on track, motivated and engaged the whole way.

Then the Dry Nights Mastery Membership is a YOUR ANSWER to supercharge your child’s success in achieving night-time dryness forever!

What’s the Founding Members rate?
For the first 50 members that join, all they’ll pay is $22 per month or $110 for 6 months access (1 month FREE). This price will forever be locked in at the Founding Member rate for the lifetime of their membership!
Once my first 50 members are reached, the rate will be $47 per month or $235 for a 6 month membership. Which is still a crazy price for what the membership includes!

What do you need to do NOW?
I plan to open up this membership to new Founding Members over the next coming weeks and will be announcing a launch date within the next week. I want you to be a part of the evolution and creation of the Dry Nights Mastery Membership and help make this the most incredibly supportive, fun, educational, and motivating membership for parents and their children!

So you don’t miss out on the launch date, all you need to do now is register your interest below. You will be kept up to date with the launch date and the Dry Nights Mastery Founding Members Offer will be open to registered participants first.

Hey, I’m Tanya!
Six years ago I struggled a LOT with my middle child’s bedwetting and honestly, did not know what to do. I started him on an alarm, which was all it was, and could have so easily given up, threw in the towel and waited until he grew out of his bedwetting. But thankfully I didn’t!

I started researching and learning and started creating my own alarm training program. I practiced it on my son then again when my youngest was ready to become dry.

I have since helped thousands and thousands of parents whose children are struggling with bedwetting with my Bedwetting Alarm Program and other continence products through The Parenting Garden. 

These products and programs have made a difference to so many families' lives and I know I can offer even more to help parents, and especially their kids, achieve dry night success using a bedwetting alarm.
Now the Dry Nights Mastery is born!

It all boils down to having a solid support and education system and implementing consistency and motivation. I’m going to peel back the curtain and pave a path for you, so you don’t have to waste time (like I did) figuring it all out.

The goal, really, is for you to feel like a total MASTER at helping your child reach consistent dry nights, and for your child to feel like a total NINJA at kicking bedwetting in the but!

Let’s do this guys and I can’t wait to see you and your child on the other side!